artist statement

" Mono no aware o shiru" is a Japanese phrase written by an unknown artist which means, "to understand and indulge in the emotional appeal of objects to the human heart" and it goes on to say, "the world of sentiments, which is discovered in the harmony between the heart (mind) and the form of object." Art is everywhere, whether or not we realize it, it is. For me, it is this relationship between an object or feeling, thought or concept and how it appeals to my sense of form. It is looking at the mundane and seeing something beautiful and unique. Within me, it stirs emotions and passions that I can hardly contain. I have found that most of my art manifests from nature. I am profoundly stimulated when I am outdoors and surrounded by its peculiarities. Perhaps it stems from my childhood growing up on a farm, I do not know. My work usually starts with a fortuitous glimpse of some random point of inspiration catching my eye forcing me to stop and take a closer look, embracing its texture, line, and emotion. You cannot look for inspiration, it must find you. It could be a crack in the sidewalk, an expression on a face or tree roots weaving their way through the ground... THERE LIES ART.
This inspires me and is why I need to create. For me, it is when I take these images and translate them into a piece of clay that my art becomes tangible and not just a figment in my imagination. Each piece takes on a life form of its own and undoubtedly, it will unfold and explain itself through its many layers. At this point, I am merely a narrator, collaging all the pieces together. It starts in my mind, runs through my soul and comes out through my fingers. My work becomes an extension of myself.

green helmet

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